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We can secure the way to your optimal real estate

We can guide you towards the goal in a fast, economically efficient and
high-quality manner at any stage of property acquisition.


We guide clients through projects, all the way to the construction, by applying safe and consistent procedures. In our work, we follow the client’s needs and requirements, and we put great emphasis on the ease of use, comfort and aesthetics. Our knowledge, experience, resourcefulness and persistence are crucial for the delivery of each project, and our work is something we are truly passionate about.

In the administrative procedures, we utilise patience, perseverance and ingenuity.

We help you eliminate any doubts when buying a property.


1500+ energy performance
certificates, that we
have drawn up.

100% performance is
recorded in obtaining
administrative permits.

Professionally managed projects,
without any unpleasant
surprises for customers.


Predlog pozidave Vlaburga

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Lastnica in prodajalka zemljišča velikosti skoraj 10.000 m2 se je obrnila na nas s prošnjo za pomoč pri izdelavi predstavitvenega kataloga. V katalogu smo predstavili možnost pozidave, ki bi jo…

Predlog pozidave Šujica

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Lastnik in prodajalec zemljišča velikosti 3.000 m2 se je obrnil na nas s prošnjo za pomoč pri izdelavi predstavitvenega kataloga za lažjo prodajo nepremičnine. Zemljišče se namreč v času prodaje…

Predlog pozidave Smlednik

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Lastnica in prodajalka zemljišča velikosti 6.000 m2 se je obrnila na nas s prošnjo za pomoč pri izdelavi predstavitvenega kataloga za lažjo prodajo nepremičnine. V katalogu smo predstavili možnost pozidave,…

We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.

Winston Churchill


Architectural design

We prepare individual solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Together with the client, we take time and define every detail so they can imagine the real estate vividly before it has even been built.


In addition to providing expert guidance at courts, we provide advice on court procedures and offer assistance in finding the right decision in the event of a property dispute.

Real estate surveys

We can verify the condition of any real estate for you, before you make a purchase. We can verify whether the land is suitable for your future project. We make inquiries and provide consulting on the most economically efficient use of real estate.

Construction supervision

Throughout the construction, we make sure your interests are taken into consideration, oversee the flow of work carried out by contractors, take care of the financial framework, and in general save you a lot of worries.

Real estate valuation

Make real estate procedures easier with a good valuation, and do not let insufficient information on the property cost you dearly.

Urban planning

We all love to live and work in a pleasant environment. We value high-quality city infrastructure and drinking water from the tap. With a smart urban design, we can turn your environment into a functional and pleasant residential and working area.

Energy performance certificates

We can carry out an energy audit for you and issue an energy performance certificate in accordance with the effective legislation. Furthermore, we are glad to offer the consulting service on energy efficient renovation.

Administrative procedures

We can manage any administrative challenges, no matter how impossible they seem to overcome. Clients are advised in the preparation of documentation and communication with administrative authorities and on the implementation of projects to speed them up or even move from a dead end.

Would you simply like to get something done or are you facing a concrete challenge in a real estate or design-build project?

We will be happy to hear you out and find the most optimal solution.

When managing projects, it is important to know how things will be done.

Book your appointment for a free consulting session.


We regularly donate funds to organisations who are active in the field of social responsibility, such as Red noses, Mostnica institute of culture, Sostro presbytery, raffle prize projects etc.
In addition to donations made to kindergartens and lower grade communities at elementary schools, we organise free presentations of responsible space design for children, which are presented through play. This gives an immense feeling of fulfilment because children give a great deal of energy and an opportunity to re-evaluate our internal theses, such as “Why should space be organised?”
We contribute to environmental protection by applying smart design and economic paper use. Our archives are completely digitalised.